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Parts Work Through
A Polyvagal Lens Certification Course



Enrollment Limit


20 Weeks

18 Students

About the Course

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The International Association of Trauma Recovery Coaches (IAOTRC) is thrilled to announce the first IFS Parts Work Through a Polyvagal Lens Certification course in the world for coaches and practitioners of all educational backgrounds that incorporates Parts Work, Polyvagal Theory and Mindful Self-Compassion. 

Class format: The first hour of the course will be focused on learning through lectures and discussions. The second hour of the course will be focused on demonstrations of the material by the course instructors, experiential activities, and practice of the skills learned that day. 

Practice Blocks: There will be 3-hour Practice Blocks on some weekends and weekdays throughout the course, which will allow for in-depth practice of the model. This is necessary for you to become fluent in developing competency in safely and effectively using Parts Work with Trauma Survivors. You will be provided with the available Practice Block times and a link to schedule those three blocks that best fit your schedule. You must attend three Practice Blocks to be eligible for certification. 

Attendance Requirements: You must attend 17 of the 20 classes. The first hour of the course, when learning is presented, will be recorded. The second hour of the class and all Practice Blocks will not be recorded to protect the privacy of all students. 

Individual Sessions to Map Your Own Parts: We believe that understanding your own system is an essential part of being able to be in Self while working with clients. As a result, we are offering three individual coaching sessions for each student with one of the instructors for the purpose of becoming familiar with and mapping your internal system.

This is an opportunity that no other Parts Work course offers, but we believe it is so important to your success that we are incorporating it into the program.
These sessions are included in your tuition, and no additional payment is required for them.

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Your Instructor

Achara Tarfa

This premiere course is led by Achara Tarfa, Certified Trauma Recovery Coach and IFS Level 2 Practitioner. For over 20 years, Achara has trained groups of people seeking to better their understanding of themselves in relationship to others. Achara has instructed hundreds of Certified Trauma Recovery Coaches through the International Association of Trauma Recovery Coaches. 

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