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Hi, I'm Achara

My life's journey is one of resilience, growth, and the unwavering belief in the human capacity to heal and transform. It's a story I'm honored to share, hoping to inspire and connect with others who may have faced similar challenges on their path to self-discovery and healing.

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I am the daughter of war, of an immigrant mother and a soldier father. My ancestral roots run deep through east asian culture and indigenous bloodlines long kept hidden from me. The land I claim as home is both nowhere and everywhere. I am a mother of the highest privilege, with society labeling my son as a “white male” and of the lowest privilege with society labeling my daughter as a “black female”. I label them, and my West African husband, “beloved”.

I am a survivor of child sexual abuse, narcissistic abuse, domestic violence, miscarriage, high conflict divorce,
co-parenting with a narcissist, and nonparent expected (NPE). Abuse is indifferent to education level, socio-economic status, race, age, or gender. My lived experience along with my faith, intuition, discernment, and polyvagal theory, and internal family systems are the tools that aid me in the processing of intergenerational trauma, decolonization, childhood adversity, resilience, and social justice.

I am a former Speech-Language Therapist and small business owner. These days I live and work on the traditional lands of the Timuquana peoples of Central and Northern Florida. As a Level 2 Trained IFS Practitioner running a private coaching practice, I guide individuals through their healing journey using Internal Family Systems and Mindful Self-Compassion. In addition to my private practice, I serve as a consultant, providing instruction to various professionals, including social workers, therapists, counselors, psychologists, nurses, teachers, wellness & life coaches and more. Within the framework of the International Association of Trauma Recovery Coaches (IAOTRC), I hold the title of Certified Trauma Recovery Coach (CTRC) Supervisor, contributing to the organization's mission of creating Trauma Recovery Coaches to heal as a collective within the bio-socio-psycho-eco-physio-logical model of mass trauma.

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Nice to meet you

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Kind Words

"If you have not had the chance to be coached by Achara, you are missing out.
Achara is an incredibly skilled coach with the compassion and insights of a wise elder and the curiosity and delight of a best friend. She will sit in the trenches or celebrate wins with you as you do the hard work of trauma recovery… together.She is deeply knowledgeable about trauma, generous with clients, friends, and fellow coaches, and fiercely compassionate."

Sherry Yuan Hunter, Certified Trauma Recovery Coach

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My Philosophy

 All parts are welcome.

There are no bad parts.

All parts are created to protect and support us in service of survival.

When parts are understood, harmony is restored, Self energy emerges.

Work with Me

My hope in connecting with you is to offer and gain insight, wisdom, and knowledge from our shared lived experience.
Using interpersonal neurobiology education and coaching modalities of co-regulation and attunement, I believe together, we will foster the desperately needed healing of ourselves and the world around us to change the trajectory of human rights and social justice. Creating a safe environment coupled with a listening ear and compassionate curiosity, clients tell me they have been able to lead themselves into a place of healing not previously experienced through traditional talk therapy. It is an honor and a privilege to be invited on one’s healing journey to wholeness. Your path, your journey, and your choice of how long or how short. I invite you into my sharing space for as long as you need to be here.  

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